Spumante Torraccia di Presura

Vino Spumante di Qualità - Brut

The passion for wine combined with the desire to give expression to the full potential of the white grape varieties of the land is behind the project led by Torraccia di Presura since the early years with the production of a sparkling wine using the tank method (Charmat), to create a high-class Spumante Brut, ideal as an aperitif or to celebrate special occasions, produced in limited quantities.


Classification: Spumante di Qualità Brut.

Vinification: long process of second fermentation in a closed vat, more than 6 months long (Long Charmat method).

Characteristics: fresh, lively, shining sparkling wine with a fine and persistent perlage. It can be kept for several years.

Alcohol: 11.5 – 12% by vol.

Temperature of service: 8-10° C.

Combinations: Delicious as an aperitif, excellent with all fish and shellfish dishes, rice dishes and fried food.