ViniBuoni d’Italia

vinibuoni ditalia ViniBuoni dItalia

This guide is inspired to the enological Italian tradition with the aim of promoting the territory and the local culture. Vinibuoni d’Italia wants to give a clear signal of the “Made in Italy” to the consumers, to the Italian and to the Foreign market. Moreover, this is the only guide that is dedicated to the wines made with indigenous wine varietals, that is, wines totally produced by varietals cultivated in Italy for over 300 years.


Wine Vintage Rating Edition
Chianti Cl. Il Tarocco 2001 stella ViniBuoni dItaliastella ViniBuoni dItaliastella ViniBuoni dItalia 2004
Chianti Cl. Il Tarocco Ris. 2000 stella ViniBuoni dItaliastella ViniBuoni dItalia 2004