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The wines of Torraccia di Presura are the result of a work carried out carefully and with passion in each stage and are expression of the Chianti Classico tradition combined with the continuous pursuit of high quality.

This is the objective pursued since the work in the vineyard, made with care and attention, with the choice of dry and stony soil with ideal characteristics of altitude and exposure – indispensable for the complete and perfect ripening of the grapes – with the care in planting, cultivating, in the stages of pruning, the practice of green pruning and selective harvest in the years when they are needed; all moments and operations essential to achieve the highest quality levels. The modern equipment of the cellar allow to make and control the production process with the best respect for the principles of hygiene, cleanliness and advanced winemaking techniques.

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The many recognitions that the wines of Torraccia di Presura receive from the press, from the leading national and foreign guides and all the major international wine competitions confirm that the road traveled so far is good. The wide range of wines consists of several “variations on the theme” Sangiovese: with Chianti Classico Il Tarocco and Il Tarocco Riserva you meet a classic and traditional style; continuing with the Chianti Classico Torraccia di Presura you have a younger and more persuasive note, with contemporary style, reaching the peak with the 100% Sangiovese of the Gran Selezione of recent introduction. The products family then widens with Lucciolaio and Arcante, the two Super Tuscan by Torraccia di Presura, where Sangiovese meets international varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, giving birth to important wines, particularly suitable for long aging, also very popular as a “meditation wines”. The only red wine of the winery without Sangiovese is Dumeto, Merlot in its most fresh and young expression, with the addition of a small part of Colorino. You continue with Sefiro and Leneo, less complex Chianti, and then with Ruggiolo, IGT Toscana Rosso in which Sangiovese combines with traditional complementary red vines of Chianti. The line is completed by Solitario, the only white wine that Torraccia di Presura produces in an important terroir of red wines. To finish, Spumante and Vin Santo del Chianti Classico, high quality limited productions to celebrate special occasions.