Our History

famiglia Our History

At the origins of Torraccia of Presura there is a deep love.

A love for the landscape, this land, its fruits.

A love that lasts since the 80s of last century, constant, persistent, uninterrupted. Which convinced a man to move with his family from the city to this land and to undertake the cultivation of the vine in the awareness of how farming, conducted with sensitivity and care, is essential to maintain the perfect balance between wood and cultivated lands that makes the uniqueness of the Chianti region. First, in 1986, the purchase of a vineyard at “La Presura”, then, in 1992, on tiptoe and with a deep respect for this ancient land, the beginning of the construction of the house-farm-cellar in coincidence with the birth of the first son, Leonardo. Completed in 1995 with the birth of the second son, Federico. First of all “home”, then “farm” and “cellar”, the heart of the winery, it has become the key image on the labels of many wines of Torraccia, designed by the wife Laura.

For Paolo Osti the choice was courageous and difficult, full of risks and uncertainties, but it also gave him surprises and satisfactions: as a stubborn and perfectionist engineer, professionally talented and capable, already successful despite his young age, he chose to get at stake in a new venture, becoming wine producer and sommelier with the intelligence and wisdom of not give anything for granted, the ability and passion to learn, continue to grow, imagine, firmly convinced that the quality of the product is the result of a harmonious agreement with the land.